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Additional Charges & Liabilities

You will be responsible for the following additional charges or liabilities if incurred: 

  • Additional rental charges for changes you make to the booked rental vehicle, rental period or optional products Damages, theft or third-party liabilities not covered by a protection product

  • Any fines or penalty charges relating to the operation of the vehicle during your rental period, such as parking or speeding fines, plus reasonable administration charges

  • Any legal fees incurred collecting any payments due under the terms of the rental agreement

  • A reasonable collection fee if a vehicle is not returned to the original rental office

  • The cost of cleaning the vehicle if you return the vehicle in a dirty condition 

When you complete the rental agreement you will be required to present a valid credit or debit card as security for any charges incurred during your rental. Your signature on the rental agreement will pre-authorise the Rental Company to charge the card for future payments that become due. The Rental Company may also hold a deposit against these future liabilities - see Forms of Payment & Deposits. 

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