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Rental Terms & Conditions

1. Important Notice: Northern part of Cyprus is not under Cyprus Government control

The Rental Company strongly advises you not to travel there by car as insurance companies DO NOT offer any cover. The Rental Company is also unable to offer any support there both in case of breakdown or accidents.

Driving to the North part of Cyprus is done entirely at your own risk.

The Rental Company has the right to claim from the Hirer/Guarantor any amount to cover the whole of the damage caused in the Northern part of Cyprus.


2. In case of any damages caused in the Republic of Cyprus, Hirer/Guarantor remains responsible for the first €500+ Subject type of agreement signed.


3. Insurance does not cover:

   a) Passengers injuries or death

   b) Fire and Theft

   c) WUG: Wheels, Underside and Glass


4. In case of any damage sustained to the vehicle The Rental Company has the right to deduct from the credit card of the Hirer/Guarantor the maximum amount of the excess or for parts of the vehicle not covered by the general insurance.


5. If the charges, in connection with the rental of the damages are to be charged on a credit card, the Hirer/Guarantor's signature below will be authority for payment instead of a signature on a credit card slip.


6. Insurance does not cover the driver's injuries or death


7. The Hirer/Guarantor is liable for the full repair or damages (a) if vehicle has been driven by anyone else without the Rental Company's permission (b) if vehicle has been used to tow any vehicle or trolley (c) if vehicle has been used for illegal purposes or carriage of any goods (d) if driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs (e) if driven on any gravel roads.


8. Traffic fines are the responsibility of the Hirer/Guarantor


9. The Rental Company has the full right to cancel the agreement and take possession of the car at any time.


10. In case the Hirer returns the vehicle before the agreed time, the Hirer shall not be entitled to any refund of the agreed hire charges.


11. In case the hired vehicle is not returned at the agreed time and or place, a penalty will incur of €200.00 plus additional expired days.

12. In Case of any accident Hirer/Guarantor must to remain with the rented car and wait until someone from insurance company or rental company come in.

13. Payment is made at the time of receipt of the car in full.

Please Note: Please note that, damages caused to the bodywork top or bottom, roof, windscreen, tyres, oil sump, as well as in the vehicles inner part, from the interior, any missing part (documents, lighter, antenna etc.) or damages not caused by normal use, are not covered by any type of insurance and shall be paid by the customer after the assessment.

Insurance Notice

Failure to notify the management of any incident of damage to the vehicle on the emergency numbers and in the event of an accident, ALSO Rescue Line on 77778686 at the time or prior to moving the vehicle from the scene or the incident/accident, will invalidate the insurance. Accidents and damages may also have to be reported to the police, INSURANCE DAMAGE ADMINISTRATION FEE €50.00 (PAYABLE BY HIRER/GUARANTOR).


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